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    Request Rules Please read before posting


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    Request Rules Please read before posting

    Post by mioshi11 on Tue May 03, 2011 4:29 pm

    1. Search your request first
    Please check the relevant threads and index before you post your requests.

    2. Label your topics in this format: [REQ] YYMMDD Event/Show - Topic Title.

    3. Be as descriptive as possible
    This will help staff and other members who intend to help.

    4. Please be respectful.
    Saying please and thank you will be very much appreciated

    5. DO NOT request official songs/albums.
    Please support f(x) by buying their albums.

    Fulfilling Requests:
    1. Open a new topic in the relevant section (Audio Vault, Video Vault, or Pictorials) and add the [REQ] tag in front of your topic title.
    2. Post your reply in the request topic with the link and PM the topic starter to let them know.

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