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    [12.01.10]Two Super Juniors had crush on fx’ Victoria


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    [12.01.10]Two Super Juniors had crush on fx’ Victoria

    Post by mioshi11 on Tue Jan 10, 2012 8:35 pm

    Recently, Super Junior-M’s old interview became a hot topic when uploaded on Youtube. In that interview SJ-M member Zhoumi was asked a question and it revealed that he and former member Hangeng had crush on same girl, who was no other than fx’ Victoria.

    The host asked Zhoumi, “If he could have any love rival among SJ-M members?“. To which he answered Hangeng, other members who were not very familiar to Chinese language start teasing Hangeng, in that teasing Donghae obliviously blurted “Song Qian” (Victoria’s Chinese name). Instinctively other members made him quiet and later Hangeng handle things like saying that he is talking about a trainee.

    Viewers instantly determined that it is Victoria because she had appeared on Super Junior’s music video of “U” and was a SM trainee.

    Viewers commented, “Couldn’t get it at that time, it was Victoria” ,”Donghae is such a kid, he must have been scolded afterwards”