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    Victoria's Profile


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    Victoria's Profile

    Post by mioshi11 on Sun May 01, 2011 12:14 pm

    In her own words: My name is Victoria Song. My real name is Song Qian. I was born on February 2, 1987. I'm an only child. There are a lot of kids like me in China. My age gap with other members of my group is quite big but I like to play jokes so they're always asking if I really am 23-years-old. Hahaha.

    I'm the leader but I don't speak Korean fluently very well yet so I feel bad for my group. When the staff have to talk with the leader who is me, my members take such good care of me. (Luna: You take good care of us when we're in China.) But actually I don't speak Chinese that fluently anymore either. I was told to do interviews in Chinese recently if I don't remember how to express myself in Korean but... I couldn't remember how to say it in Chinese either... Oh, what do I do?

    I was born in Qingdao and when I turned 10, I started attending the Beijing Dance Academy where I learned all sorts of dance including ballet, traditional Chinese dance and tumbling. Tumbling while wearing heels is something I tried for the first time while shooting the teaser video for "LA chA TA". My manager had asked if I could do it on heels and I told him I would make an attempt although I had never tried it before but I really did it. Even I was surprised.

    The commercial I shot with singer, Rain in China was something I started without having almost any knowledge of Jazz dance or hip-hop because it happened about a month after I had joined the agency so I would practise each move for hours. I had only learned more traditional dances before so I was extremely grateful when Rain taught me how to do popping. I didn't even speak Korean back then so a translator delivered everything in between.

    At the dormitory I share a room with Sulli and Amber with Luna. And Krystal's house is only three minutes away from our's. We're all good friends and aren't messy so we don't need any rules to follow by in particular. When I look at text messages my fans have sent me there are actually a lot of words that I don't understand. So Amber and I always carry around electronic dictionaries but if we don't find the word we're looking for, we look it up in the Internet and if it still isn't there, we ask the members and then if they don't know what it means either, we ask our manager.

    When I went to audition for the cheerleading team of KBS reality show "The Invincible Baseball Team" I danced to Ciara's "Love Sex Magic". My Jazz dance teacher came up with a choreography where I could show everything about my dancing.

    Getting injections is something I am really really scared of. We were told we had to get four injections each before going on volunteer work to Kenya recently and my group stood close to me, reassuring me everything would be alright, but I was still so scared. (Krystal: I saw that you were crying.) I would really love to have a chance to participate in musicals, because then I can show everything from singing to dancing to acting. And it's my dream to go to China with the members of my group to pursue an active career there as well.

    Stage Name : Victoria Song (빅토리아)
    Chinese Name : Song Qian (宋茜)
    Date of Birth : February 2, 1987
    Hometown : Qingdao, Shandong
    Group Position : Leader
    Languages : Chinese (fluent), Korean (basic)
    Nickname : Pororia
    Blood Type : O A
    Height : 168 cm
    School : Beijing Dance Academy
    Casted : September 2007 Beijing, China SM Casting System
    Speciality : Traditional / Folk / Jazz dance / Stretching

    2008 [MODEL] - SPRIS model w/ Lee Jun Ki
    2008 [MODEL] - Smart S Line Model w/ SHINee
    2008 [CF] - Samsung's Anycall w/ RAIN- "Any Dream"
    2008 [CF] - Samsung LCD Mode
    2008 [MV] - Kangta - "Eternity"
    2008 [MV] - Super Junior M - "U"
    2008 [MV] - SHINee - "Noona neomo yeppeo" / "Replay"
    2009 [CF] - Sparkling Korea CF MODEL
    2010 [MV] - Trax - "Cold Hearted Man"

    Likes : Coffee, healthy food, Grandma's cooking, Sparkly items
    Idols : Faye Wong, Zhang Ziyi
    Most Perfect Woman : Song Hye Gyo
    Fav Song : LA chA TA
    Fav Color : Purple
    First Korean Friend : Pororo!
    Famous Close Friend : Gyuri from Kara
    Desktop Wallpaper: Selcas of herself
    Wants to meet : Song Seung Hun, Lee Hyori
    Ideal type of man : Tall, Non smoker, filial piety, Speaks the same language.
    If she had a superpower : Invisibility
    1st Roommate/s : Sulli
    Stress Reliever : Eating
    In her bag : Tissues and wallet
    Favorite type of pet : Dogs because of their loyalty
    Most attractive f(x) member: Amber for her boyish charms.
    Can sleep comfortably with her legs split.
    For 24 years, Vic thought she was O blood type. Realized her real blood type is A only recently.
    Her first kiss was before she became a college student with a guy she dated for two years.

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    Re: Victoria's Profile

    Post by JaDe&AmBeR4eVeR on Mon Jun 06, 2011 12:46 am

    Aww, she thinks Amber unnie is the most attractive f(x) member! I totally agree.

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    Re: Victoria's Profile

    Post by mioshi11 on Mon Jan 02, 2012 7:38 am

    yeah youre right lols..

    I LOVE F(X)

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    Re: Victoria's Profile

    Post by sulyamir on Tue Jan 03, 2012 1:26 pm

    .she's sooooo flexible. .i love her.! XD

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    Re: Victoria's Profile

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