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    [12.01.06]Isn’t f(x)’s Amber from the United States?


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    [12.01.06]Isn’t f(x)’s Amber from the United States?

    Post by mioshi11 on Sat Jan 07, 2012 6:12 pm

    f(x)’s Amber, who is known to be Taiwanese-American, has been drawing attention by getting herself used to the culture of rural cities in Korea. Recently, her overly Korean attitude arose questions over her nationality.

    In the episode of KBS 2’s Invincible Youth 2 that airs on January 7, G8 (composed of f(x)’s Amber, SNSD’s Sunny, Hyoyeon, Miss A’s Suzy, Sistar’s Bora, Rainbow’s Woo Ri, and Jewelry’s Yewon) cleans a barn to invite a new animal family.

    In a recent shooting, some G8 members including Miss A’s Suzy and Kara’s Jiyoung seemed to have hard time cleaning after cows’ waste, complaining, “We’ve never cleaned cows’ poop before!”

    However, Amber showed off her decent skills using a shovel and said, “I’ve done this kind of things before, many times.” Her words put herself in a controversy over her nationality, and other members of G8 and the uncles said amongst themselves, “Did she really come from L.A?”

    But it did not end here. After cleaning the barn, there was a quiz about the share of a new animal family. A question was asked in English and Amber answered to it in perfect English as to approve herself as a native American.

    However, the uncles could not understand Amber’s perfect pronunciation and argued, “We are not going to count that unless you answer it in Korean pronunciation.” Immediately, Amber answered in clear Korean pronunciation, more Korean than any other native Koreans, and inspired laughter at the set.

    The episode that covers Amber’s interesting characteristics which make one to question her nationality and G8 starting off New Year by challenging itself to clean up a barn will aired on January 7 at 11:05 p.m.

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